• Hayley W

Nervous? I'm not're nervous...shh

The countdown is on (ok, I've actually been counting down for months but hey ho)...3 days to go until I become bionic!!

That is if they don't cancel it on the day due to too many emergencies....something I have been warned happens more often than not...

Hence the nerves...

All I have been able to think about this week is the terrifying prospect of waking up at 6am, showering with the special soap they gave me, drinking my weird carb drinks, psyching mysel

f up as I sign into the ward...then being told to go home until further notice. Not sure mine or my partner's nerves are up to that!

And just to make it worse, I have had a sore throat for the past 3 weeks and my IBS is flaring like mad (Stress=IBS, IBS symptoms = stress and so on and so on until you go insane....!) ....but at least I have finished work for the next 8 week! (Unless the op is cancelled...oh, there's the nerves again!)

But what can I do about all this? Literally nothing.

So I focus on what I can do:

-Medicines are prepped and packaged in my special green bag.

-Clothes, dressing down and slippers are packed.

-My books and headphones are ready.

-Stick, grabber, shoe horn and long-handled sponge have been purchased and put in sensible places around the house.

-Raised toilet seats are in place.

-Freezer and cat food drawer are fully stocked.

-There are plenty of cookies in the house.

So now all that is left to do is have a bunch of fun this weekend with my family and friends, and do stuff that I won't be able to do for a while! (Including my first day of wedding dress shopping!! :) Woop!)

Keep smiling folks! :)


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