• Hayley W

Onwards and Upwards (literally!)

This week marks 3 month since my Left Total Hip Replacement - and what a rollarcoaster it has been!

From the pain-filled, morphine-induced nights awake in the hospital and the anger at not being able to even make myself a cup of tea, to my first day back at work and now, finally, my first day back on the climbing walls (physio approved, obviously)!

My first day of climbing in over 3 months

I might be 10x weaker than I was before, but the feeling of pulling myself up those climbs, of flexing my hip and trusting it to support me, was AMAZING! Ok, so I was exhausted and achey for days after, but it was definitely worth it. And I know it won't take long to get my strength back - every day I can feel my hip flexibility improving, my energy levels rising and my focus returning to things I enjoy, rather than exercises and using crutches correctly (crutches suck)! Plus, I'll admit, I love seeing people's faces when I mention I recently had my joint replaced - particularly when I am about to heave myself up a 4+ route or am running around organising a party - and I also love that my physio said he had no idea when it was best to start climbing as noone had ever asked him that 2 months after a hip replacement before! Haha!

#challengingthenorm #breakingexpectations

So, onwards and upwards, as they say! Onto the next challenge - getting back into my work routine, improving my climbing and enjoying being more adventurous again!! ....all before I get called up for my Right Hip Replacement.... exciting life of a Chronic Pain Warrior! :)


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